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   Global Education Counselling Centre Pvt. Ltd.



About Us

Global Education Counselling Centre was established in year 1996, with its head office in Kathmandu Nepal. GECC management partners have extensive knowledge and experience in the education and human resource sector.

GECC Chairman possesses relevant experience of more than two decades in the education sector and recruiting student from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Middle-east and African Sub-continent.


Our Managing Director comes with a wide knowledge of finance & ethical marketing strategies. The business development acumen and information technology knowledge of our MD of marketing and sales would help us enhance our vision.

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Student Services

Assessing your needs: After a thorough review of your initial application and relevant documents, our dedicated and experienced staff will form an assessment of your

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Case Coordination: Our team will stay in touch and provide you information about developments, during the admission process.

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Research and Matching: We will research extensively in order to match your needs with potential appropriate schools and programs in the country of your liking.

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Reviewing of Options:Our company will exhaustively review with you and/or your family the pros and cons of each school and program (course) you choose to study

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Prompt Attention to Admission:We will ensure that your letter of admission and the other requisite documents you need to apply for a student visa to respective country 

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   Referral Service: if you need any other service outside of our consultancy, we shall refer you to reputable and professional organizations to assist you. 

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